Three Japan vloggers you need to start watching

Japan's party scene: Exclusive interview with DJ Tony Booya
Video: Japanese love hotels!

600 year old pine tree in Kyoto grows horizontally!

by Dave on Sep 22 2014 |

Cool post via Reddit and Deep Kyoto shows an image of a tree, nicknamed Yūryu no matsu (遊龍の松 “Playful Dragon Pine”), growing horizontally! The pic was taken at Yoshiminedera, a mountain temple in Kyoto. Read full story...

Japan's party scene: Exclusive interview with DJ Tony Booya

by Dave on Sep 19 2014 |

I bet you don't know too much about the DJ scene in Japan... OK maybe I'm projecting a bit. I didn't know a whole lot, which is why I'm excited to share this interview! Tony and I connected a few months ago via email regarding a video I posted of a street musician I stumbled upon in Kyoto last year. I quickly found out he was a DJ in Japan under the pseudonym Tony Booya for the DJ group Volcanic Gang. My own curiosity got the best of me and I really wanted to know what the DJ scene was like in Japan compared to the rest of the world. Cue my barrage of questions - enjoy! Click Read Full Story to check out the entire interview with Tony. Read full story...

Japanese man sucked into balloon ball. Yes, you read that right

by Dave on Sep 19 2014 |

My favorite Japanese British dude is at it again with another unique video straight out of Japan. He explains the scenario:

Imagine walking into a room to see your Japanese friends doing this...

To celebrate their friend's upcoming wedding, a few guys got together and combined a leaf blower, a balloon and some serious ambition; this was the surprising result of that winning combination. Read full story...

Japanese porn star featured on school book by mistake

by Dave on Sep 18 2014 |

A math book created for a Thai college is being recalled after it was revealed the cover was of Japanese porn star Mana Aoki sneakily disguised as a teacher. It must have been her convincing mattress actress skillsets that confused the book publisher into thinking she was indeed a math teacher. Read full story...

Tokyo Game Show: Final Fantasy XV trailer!

by Dave on Sep 18 2014 |

The Tokyo Game Show, Japan's largest gaming convention open to the public, kicked off yesterday. And with that begins the onslaught of trailers. Final Fantasy XV has been in development hell for quite some time. Luckily there is light at the end of the tunnel - check out the trailer! A demo of the game is set to release sometime in March bundled with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD's release in the U.S. Read full story...

Boob Aid: Japan's boob-fondling fundraiser!

by Dave on Sep 04 2014 |

This past weekend a bunch of popular Japanese porn stars held a fundraiser to raise money for AIDS prevention. Dubbed 'Boob Aid,' the porn stars rolled up their shirts, revealing their breasts, a let those who came to the event fondle them to raise money for charity. Are you done hyper ventilating? Then check out the video by clicking Read full story below. Read full story...

Cats take over Pizza Hut in Japan

by Dave on Aug 27 2014 |

Pizza Hut is running a hilarious commercial series in Japan right now with cat chefs in place of the normal humans. This begs the question to be asked - what is more sanitary? Cat paws or hands? Check out the commercials below and order a pizza made especially for you by mittens right meow! Read full story...

Yubari, Japan: A crumbling city devoid of young people

by Dave on Aug 21 2014 |

The average age of a Yubari resident is 57 years old. In a lengthy article written by Richard Hendy for The Guardian, who is well known for documenting the decay of certain areas in Japan on the Internet, he lays out the issues this once bustling city in Japan has had and its grim future. Give it a full read read at his blog, Spike Japan.

After reading his article... if you want a more video tour of Yubari, check out the BBC documentary "No sex please, we're Japanese" here (skip to 1:30 mins, it's really interesting!). Read full story...

Road rage? Not in Japan!

by Dave on Aug 17 2014 |

Here's a cool short video I stumbled upon while browsing Reddit. Japanese culture is know for its politeness -- even when driving. A stark contrast to the United States and other countries where it is a free-for-all on the roads and turn signals are seldom used. Click Read full story to check out the video Read full story...

AbroadIn Japan: Love hotels

by Dave on Aug 02 2014 |

Love hotels are very popular in Japan. What are they? Do I really need to type it out? Take a look at the innocent Hello Kitty plushie in the picture above and see if it clicks for you. Check out AbroadIn Japan's experience with this unique aspect of Japanese culture. Read full story...

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