Japan Day 2: Harajuku and Cotton Candy (VIDEO)

by Dave on Apr 20 2017 |

Day 2 is up - and we visited Harajuku and had a bit too many candy treats. Check out the video in the full story Read full story...

We'll Be In Japan April 18th-May 1st And You're Coming With Us!

by Dave on Apr 18 2017 |

Surprise! We're actually - as a blog named Japan Yay - going to be in Japan (surprising, eh?) for close to two weeks starting Tuesday, April 18th! Our entire itinerary is posted below - and we're bringing you along via Facebook LIVE! If you haven't liked Japan Yay on Facebook yet and want to catch our live streams from Japan, be sure to do so ASAP! Check the full story for our entire itinerary. Read full story...

Reasons Aside from Beauty to Visit Japan during Cherry Blossom Season

by Amy on Mar 16 2017 |

If you’re planning a trip to Japan in the spring, it is advised to see the country when the sakura (cherry blossoms) are in full bloom. For many, the thought of Japan conjures up images featuring romantic landscapes speckled with those iconic fluffy pink flowers. But there are more reasons aside from the beauty that make cherry blossom season the perfect time to cross Japan off your bucket list. Read full story...

Cherry Blossom Season Is Here! And So Are All The Delicious Sakura Themed Drinks And Food!

by Dave on Mar 13 2017 |

Plum trees are about to bloom all across Japan within the next month and a half! It's a beautiful sight many people visit Japan just to witness first hand! The beginning of the Sakura season highlights that spring is just aroudn the corner in Japan. It also brings about a TON of cherry blossom themed food and drinks.

Read full story...

We're Launching An Online Artist Alley! Artists/Sellers Wanted!

by Dave on Oct 07 2016 |

We've been secretly working on something for over a month now and we're very, very close to launching an online store! This isn't just a bland online store though - we are actively partnering with independent artists that you might have stumbled upon at anime conventions in the "Artist Alley" when shopping for anime swag. Read full story...

Top 3 Traditional Japanese Desserts You Should Try Making

by Japan Yay! Staff on Sep 01 2016 |

Japan is known for its healthy nutritional habits; however, that doesn't mean desserts and sweets are excluded from the traditional Japanese diet. The recipes for Japan's celebrated cuisine leans towards a less-sweet taste than most American palettes are accustomed. Fans of Japanese culture devour these traditional Japanese desserts with the same fervor  as binge watching an anime series. Check out these recommended desserts that capture the best of traditional Japanese sweets.

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