Bandai Namco US Indirectly Confirms .hack//G.U. Vol. 4 Will Be Localized

by Dave on Aug 09 2017 |

The information we've been receiving on the new 4th volume of .hack//G.U., which will a part of the Last Recode release in addition to the original trilogy, has been coming in a bit sideways. And that's led to some confusion on whether or not the US release will have Volume 4 included. A few days ago, however, Bandai Namco tweeted out these pics below while also confirming Vol. 4 indirectly.

Confusing? Yes. Does Bandai Namco also have to update their Amazon posting to include additional information about Vol.4? Also, yes. No news on a premium edition coming outside of Japan has been announced yet. But I think it's safe to assume we're getting Vol. 4 at this point. Pre-orders for hack//G.U. Last Recode on the PS4 are up on Amazon for $39.99!