Funimation To Be Acquired By Sony Pictures

by Dave on Jul 31 2017 |

Funimation announced late Monday evening that it is being acquired by Sony Pictures. While Funimation has stated there are no disturbances to past or present licencees (including their streaming services), the impact on the acquisition might take a while to surface. Funimation is not new to acquisition and was acquired by Navarre Corporation in 2005 until recently being a part of Group 1200 Media. This is breaking news and we'll update as more information becomes available.

Below is a statement from Funimation founder Gen Fukunaga on the news of Sony Pictures acquisition:

Founder Gen Fukunaga started Funimation with a vision and a mission to make anime as accessible as possible to fans across the world. In the 23 years since we began, we have been committed to creating anime experiences fans love: from bringing Dragon Ball to the U.S., to bringing the best anime to home video and theaters, to SimulDubs that bring episodes in English to fans within two weeks after they air in Japan, to the world’s largest dubbed streaming catalog on FunimationNow.

Today, we announced that Funimation has agreed to sell a substantial majority stake to Sony Pictures Television Networks (SPTN). SPTN is one of the preeminent names in entertainment, and shares our vision to deliver anime to fans globally across all screens and platforms.

Funimation has released a FAQ as well explaining the changes (or lack thereof) that will happen due to the acquisition. Check out the FAQ on Funimation's website.