Japanese Fisherman With A Black-Belt In Karate Fights Off Black Bear! (Video)

by Amy on Sep 03 2016 |

On Thursday, a 63-year-old man with a black-belt in karate fought off a bear that attacked him while he was fishing in the Jizo River in Maebashi, Guma Prefecture. The man’s eyes met those of a 6’2 Asian black bear with big teddy-bear like ears and a massive head. Then, it suddenly leapt and knocked him to the ground. It scratched and bit him while he was down, but according to the man, he was able to trick the bear for a moment and punched it repeatedly in the eyes. The bear ran away from the pain soon after. Read full story...

Top 3 Traditional Japanese Desserts You Should Try Making

by Japan Yay! Staff on Sep 01 2016 |

Japan is known for its healthy nutritional habits; however, that doesn't mean desserts and sweets are excluded from the traditional Japanese diet. The recipes for Japan's celebrated cuisine leans towards a less-sweet taste than most American palettes are accustomed. Fans of Japanese culture devour these traditional Japanese desserts with the same fervor  as binge watching an anime series. Check out these recommended desserts that capture the best of traditional Japanese sweets.

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Get Inspired By These Hello Kitty Nail Arts Designs On Pinterest!

by Japan Yay! Staff on Aug 31 2016 |

Hello Kitty debuted in 1974 and her fandom continues to dominate the world of anime. Beginning with a coin purse in 1975, products featuring the  anthropomorphic white Japanese Bobtail character have become treasured collectibles. Beyond comics, stickers, dolls, and luxury products, including a jewelry collection designed by Kimora Lee Simmons, demand for Hello Kitty products includes wearables and nail design. Check out these top three Hello Kitty nail art designs to showcase your love for anime's favorite feline on your fingertips.

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Japanese Club In Fukuoka Only Admits One Male A Night For $5000 - Females Free!

by Dave on Aug 30 2016 |

Guys - if you have $5K to spare and heading to Japan shortly, this is the club you might want to hit up. Read full story...

Is The Pokémon Go Craze Over?

by Japan Yay! Staff on Aug 29 2016 |

Pokémon Go had 50 million players in the United States at the peak of it's popularity. Over the last few weeks, however, the behemoth game has lost 15 million players, even as the game play continues to expand. It has left many wondering if the phenomenon is over.

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Wood: Ancient Material Being Used in New Ways in Japanese Architecture

by Amy on Aug 29 2016 |

From traditional castles to modern marvels, Japanese architecture has transformed in many ways over the years. There have been shifts in the styles employed by architects that are rooted in debates, cultural change and historical discourse. There have been scientific discoveries and creations of new materials that have led to the abandonment of old. But the most abundant and replenish-able natural material, wood, is making a major comeback in buildings throughout Japan and the world. Read full story...

Chicago Land Japanese Burger Joint "Gabutto Burger" Grand Opening September 3rd

by Dave on Aug 27 2016 |

After some hefty delays, Gabutto Burger is finally opening up on September 3rd just outside of Chicago at 1410 Golf Rd. in Rolling Meadows, IL. If the name rings familiar, Gabutto Burger was once a tenant inside of Mitsuwa Marketplace, along with other Japanese-style restaurants. Those who donated to the restaurants Kickstarter a year ago, make sure you cash in on your perks! Read full story...

New Zelda Artwork and Manga Publications Celebrate the Series' 30th Anniversary

by Japan Yay! Staff on Aug 26 2016 |

Following the wake of remarkable success from Nintendo's Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the gaming giant has again partnered with Dark Horse and Viz Media to publish two official Zelda artwork and Manga books this winter. These rare glimpses of The Legend of Zelda universe coincide with the series' 30th anniversary this year - a delight that fans will surely not want to miss out.

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Win A Free Trip For Two To Japan!

by Sharilyn on Aug 25 2016 |

National Geographic has a promotion going on right now where you can win a free trip to Japan. All you have to do is have a public Instagram account and post an image inspired by Japan with #DiscoverJapanContest. Read full story...

Ramen Restaurant Offers Patrons Virtual Dates With Idol Group Hamburgirls Z

by Japan Yay! Staff on Aug 25 2016 |

Many people would say that ramen dates are great. Though the food is simple, there is something to be said for being able to enjoy it with a romantic partner in a casual environment. The experience can be a lot of fun. Read full story...

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