Sailor Moon Season Three ends on Cliffhanger, Possibilities of a Season Four?

by Japan Yay! Staff on Jul 03 2016 |

Sailor Moon Crystal wrapped up its 3rd season last week with the ending of the Mugen/Infinity arc and Chibi Usa heading back to the 30th century. However, the very last scene of the episode ended with Usagi, Chibi Usa and Mamorou looking back towards a mysterious figure, with an immediate cut to the credits, setting up a mysterious cliff hanger of sorts. Read full story...

Top 5 Cutest Anime 4-legged Sidekicks

by Japan Yay! Staff on Jul 02 2016 |

Anime loves its mascots. From the darkest psychological horrors, to the quintessential magical girl show, four-legged sidekicks are almost an institution. Here are the top 5 of all time. Read full story...

by on Dec 31 1969 |

Japanese Candy: Hamburger Popin' Cookin

by Japan Yay! Staff on Jul 01 2016 |

Every once in awhile, a candy will come along from Japan that is completely random and strange. This is definitely one of those. Read full story...

Wishing Upon Stars for the Tanabata Festival

by Dave on Jul 01 2016 |

Have you heard of Tanabata, or the Star Festival? It is a holiday in Japan with origins from China that takes place on July 7 and means “the seventh night.” Over time, different regions of Japan have developed their own distinct ways to observe this tradition throughout the summer.

Read full story...

Sushi Goes Global: Accept No Counterfeit

by Japan Yay! Staff on Jul 01 2016 |

For many of the world’s foodies, sushi is one of the quintessential elegant foods. In the past few decades sushi has become so popular globally that there are many articles touting its rapid spread. In fact, the Guardian recently led with a story titled, “How Sushi Ate the World.”

Read full story...

Final Fantasy VII Relaunched... Into A Monopoly Board?

by Japan Yay! Staff on Jul 01 2016 |

As gamers patiently await the remake of the hit Playstation One Classic "Final Fantasy VII", the desire for new related merchandise has been increasingly on the rise. The online company Merchoid, who deals in selling goods based on comic books, TV shows, and video games has opened up preorders for the latest FF VII related product: Final Fantasy VII Monopoly. Read full story...

Perfume And OK Go To Release Collaborative Single

by Japan Yay! Staff on Jun 30 2016 |

In January 2016, the anime Sushi Police began airing with a theme song with the familiar vocals of Perfume and the American band OK Go. It never got a release as a single and kind of quietly went away as Perfume began to push their new album, Cosmic Explorer. Read full story...

Japanese School Uniforms Get a Fashionable Redesign By AKB48 Designer

by Morgana on Jun 30 2016 |

Some high schools in Japan are taking on new designs for their uniforms, often drawing on contemporary media and culture influences such as manga. This is based on the continuation of a counterculture trend that started in the late 1960s and 1970s, where schools began to abolish the military style uniforms in order to appease more rebellious students. Read full story...

God Eater Resurrection Released in the US

by Morgana on Jun 30 2016 |

Bandai Namco Entertainment has released God Eater Resurrection digitally for the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita entertainment systems across the US. The game invites players to join the ranks of the monster-fighting God Eaters, take up arms with the God Arc weapons, and join friends to exterminate huge monsters that threaten to bring about the extinction of humanity. Read full story...

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