Holographic Kamehameha Video Will Rock Your World, Or Blow It Up

by Sharilyn on Mar 12 2015 |

Goku action figures are cool and all but so unsatisfying in their lack of real energy firing. Problem solved. In the video below ZW Design has proved that a holographic Kamehameha is just as good. Read full story...

Frog Burger To Be Served In Japan

by Sharilyn on Mar 10 2015 |

The Orbi Yokohama in Tokyo has a new Deadly Poison Exhibition and has created frog food to go along with the theme. While the deep fried frog isn't poisonous we're still wondering if it's worth eating. Maybe next time frogger tries to cross the road he will jump out of that cars way a little faster. Read full story...

Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle! Amazingly It's Not A Hoax

by Sharilyn on Mar 10 2015 |

Now that the temperatures are starting to remind us of summer we must look ahead to the future of barbecue. Nissan and The Japan Barbecue Association (yeah I know, but it's a real thing) united to form the concept for the BBQ car of our dreams in the video below. Read full story...

Updated 3/11: CC2 Teases Three New Game Titles

by Dave on Mar 10 2015 |

We have some additional information on the advertisement teaser from CC2! This weeks Famitsu had a 15-page article on CyberConnect2 and will reveal three new game projects (clarification: in the near future), targeting mainly the console platform...

Read full story...

CyberConnect2 Famitsu Article Nears: Is .hack Being Revived?

by Dave on Mar 09 2015 |

The next issue of Weekly Famitsu nears - and CC2 President Hiroshi "Piros" Matsuyama has reaffirmed to us that there will be a big reveal on what the company's next big game development project will be. The image above teases us with many words that could indicate the next installment of the .hack series... Read full story...

NSFW: Japanese Kids Dance To Inappropriate English Dance Song

by Dave on Mar 09 2015 |

While English is taught across Japan early on in education, cultural slangs - especially from the U.S. - are often misunderstood. The result of this is a bunch of kids dancing to a very explicit dance song and a crowd oblivious to the songs lyrics! Read full story...

For Relaxing Times, Make It Suntory Time

by Dave on Mar 08 2015 |

Whiskey done right in Japan.

Make Your Own Super Cute Anime Desserts

by Sharilyn on Mar 07 2015 |

You can make your very own Kirby macaroon... just eat it before he sucks you up. For anyone who wants to try their hand at it (or just look at the adorable results) watch the video below and check out the youtube channel Rosanna Pansino with her show Nerdy Nummies. It's been getting views even in Japan, where the adorable Totoro video is especially popular. Read full story...

Hadaka Matsuri: Japan's Naked Festival

by Dave on Mar 04 2015 |

<img class="img-responsive" src="http://www.japanyay.com/news/uploads/enhanced-buzz-wide-28926-1353884824-2.jpg" width="900"></a><br />

<div class="js-video ">
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4pAQ8RvkNAE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Aoshima Island: Japan's Cat Haven

by Dave on Mar 04 2015 |

Cats and Japan. Need I say more? Aoshima Island has a population of 22 humans and over 100 cats. This mile-long Island once had mice issues along the docks, and cats were brought in to "play" with the infestation. Read full story...

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