Japan To Build Massive 250 Mile Tsunami Wall

by Dave on Mar 23 2015 |

Four years after the terrifying tsunami that ravaged much of Japan's northeast coasts, there are plans to build a 250 mile chain of Tsunami sea walls. The walls in some areas will reach 5 stories tall. Read full story...

Easter Kit Kat Debuts In Japan

by Dave on Mar 20 2015 |

OK let's get this out of the way - Japan does not celebrate Easter. This hasn't stopped Nestle from launching an Easter themed Kit Kat in Japan. No it does not taste like dead rabbits, this is an excuse to put cute bunnies on candy bags! Read full story...

Burger King "Flame Grilled" Fragrance Heading To Japan

by Dave on Mar 18 2015 |

Aprils Fools may be starting early in Japan... or is this a legit product? On April 1st only you can buy a bottle of Flame Grilled Fragrance along with your whopper for only 5,000 Yen! Read full story...

Nintendo To Develop Games For Mobile Devices

by Dave on Mar 17 2015 |

Nintendo is finally going to start developing games for mobile devices with the news of lackluster console sales for the 3DS and Wii U. That means Mario (and that guy Luigi) will be heading to the phone you're probably reading this article on in the near future. Read full story...

Living In Net Cafes In Japan

by Dave on Mar 16 2015 |

Did you know there are some net cafes in Japan that you can basically live in for a small fee, usually cheaper than rent? While this is a very small majority - and shouldn't be sensationalized anything more than that - it is a very interesting look inside the life of some temporary workers within Japan and their inability to afford proper housing. Check out the video in the full story! Read full story...


by Dave on Mar 15 2015 |


New Gaming System Will Fit 11 Types Of Retro Cartridges

by Sharilyn on Mar 13 2015 |

CYBER Gadget Corporation will release retro freak which can play the following types of games: Read full story...

Holographic Kamehameha Video Will Rock Your World, Or Blow It Up

by Sharilyn on Mar 12 2015 |

Goku action figures are cool and all but so unsatisfying in their lack of real energy firing. Problem solved. In the video below ZW Design has proved that a holographic Kamehameha is just as good. Read full story...

Frog Burger To Be Served In Japan

by Sharilyn on Mar 10 2015 |

The Orbi Yokohama in Tokyo has a new Deadly Poison Exhibition and has created frog food to go along with the theme. While the deep fried frog isn't poisonous we're still wondering if it's worth eating. Maybe next time frogger tries to cross the road he will jump out of that cars way a little faster. Read full story...

Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle! Amazingly It's Not A Hoax

by Sharilyn on Mar 10 2015 |

Now that the temperatures are starting to remind us of summer we must look ahead to the future of barbecue. Nissan and The Japan Barbecue Association (yeah I know, but it's a real thing) united to form the concept for the BBQ car of our dreams in the video below. Read full story...

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