.hack//Legend of The Twilight and //Roots Now Streaming on Hulu

by Dave on Feb 26 2015 |

On the heels of FUNimation releasing .hack//SIGN The Complete Series on DVD a few days ago, .hack fans get ready for some more re-release goodness! .hack//Legend of the Twilight, a 12-episode series that takes place after //SIGN and the original four PS2 video games, is currently streaming on Hulu for free... Read full story...

DOA 5 Last Round: Team Ninja Needs To Call An Exterminator

by Dave on Feb 25 2015 |

Team Ninja’s re-re-re-updated version of Dead or Alive 5 may have more bugs than a shady rent-per-hour motel room. DoA 5 Last Round is the latest in so-called “upgrades” on the original DoA 5 that released in 2012.... Read full story...

Log back into "The World," .hack//SIGN Complete Series Re-Release Out Today!

by Dave on Feb 24 2015 |

The wait is finally over! .hack//SIGN has been re-released by FUNimation today on DVD! You can pick up a copy at Amazon or FUNimation's online store. Copies of .hack//SIGN had been out of production for a while now... Read full story...

Man Runs As Starbucks Cup Cosplay in 2015 Tokyo Marathon

by Dave on Feb 23 2015 |

The 2015 Tokyo Marathon was this past Sunday in Japan. While two Ethopian runners took the honors of first and second place, there were plenty of cosplayers competing as well... Read full story...

Manhole Art in Japan

by Dave on Feb 22 2015 |

Even manhole covers in Japan are cute. Various prefectures will draw unique art on the normally drab-looking metal covers. Check out some more in the full story! Read full story...

Yokohama and Mt. Fuji

by Dave on Feb 21 2015 |

A weekend view.

Cool Photos Of Tokyo Buildings Without Ads

by Dave on Feb 20 2015 |

Ever wonder what Tokyo would look like without all the marquee ads that help create a futuristic/hi-tech feel to the city? Graphic Designer Nicholas Damiens took photos of advertisements spread about Tokyo buildings and then photoshopped them out. What you have left is a very dark and dystopian-esque city. Check out the rest of the pictures in the full story! Read full story...

Tamagochi Continues To Live On In Japan

by Dave on Feb 19 2015 |

Apparently Tamagochi has lived on for quite some time in Japan and it recently re-launched in the United States after a long hiatus (mostly due to the success of its mobile APPs). Being a 90's kid in the U.S. I actually made my mom take my first-gen Tamagochi (hipster Tamagochi owners represent)! to work because my elementary school banned them... Read full story...

Japan TV Commercial Roundup Week 2

by Dave on Feb 18 2015 |

Japan TV commercial roundup! Prepare yourselves for more eye-candy advertising. Click full story to view the video. Read full story...

Bar Kagaya: Tokyo's Craziest Bar

by Dave on Feb 17 2015 |

This bar in Tokyo is ridiculous. With the slogan "Frog is stranger than fiction," it pulls you in. But nothing will prepare you for what happens inside. AbroadIn Japan was brave enough to visit this bar in Tokyo for all of our viewing pleasures. Click full story to watch the video. Beware of frog. Seriously, you will never look at Kermit the same. Read full story...

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