Japan ousts Scotland to win worlds best Whiskey title

by Dave on Nov 05 2014 |

For relaxing times make it Suntory time. The Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky Sherry Cask 2013, which is produced by Japan beverage mega-corp Suntory, has been awarded the highest score for "World Whiskey of the Year." Cheers Japan, whiskey on the rocks. A true man's drink - verified by Bill Murray. Read full story...

Massive Japan Halloween street party in Shibuya!

by Dave on Nov 01 2014 |

From Tokyo Fashion:

"Halloween has exploded in popularity in Japan in the last few years, and this year's Shibuya Halloween street party was the biggest and most insane that we've ever seen. The entire areas around Shibuya Station, the Shibuya Scramble, and Shibuya Center Street were packed with people in costumes from afternoon until well after midnight. !"

Check out the video of a massive Halloween costume street party in the full story. Read full story...

Halloween in Japan!

by Dave on Oct 31 2014 |

Happy Halloween! While the holiday isn't as quite as an event as it is in the United States, it is becoming more popular, especially with adults in Japan (AKA another excuse to party, go to clubs, and cosplay!). Check out some sweet Halloween costumes on the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo. Video in the fully story! Read full story...

No dancing after midnight law in Japan is gone!

by Dave on Oct 29 2014 |

Did you know it was illegal to dance in Japan after midnight? The telegraph explains: "Banning dancing at public venues came about in 1948, when Japan passed a law attempting to stamp out prostitution linked to dance halls." The 66 year old law is dead - time to dance! Check out the video in the full story! Read full story...

Obama impersonator in Japan TV commercial roundup

by Dave on Oct 24 2014 |

There's a niche for everything on the Internet - especially when it comes to Japanese culture and media. A YouTube channel is dedicated to releasing new Japanese TV commercials that air on Japan's networks. Check out a roundup of recent "best of" commercial spots - which includes an Obama impersonator sponsoring a used-car company, Gulliver. Read full story...

.hack//SIGN and many more .hack series set for re-release!

by Dave on Oct 14 2014 |

.hack fans snap out of your coma! Back in July of last year FUNimation announced the licensing of all (well, close enough) .hack anime from the now defunct Bandai Entertainment. Up until last week they've been very quiet on the timing of the releases. At New York Comic Con on Saturday FUNi broke its' silence and announced street dates for .hack//SIGN, //Legend of The Twilight, //Roots, and //Trilogy on DVD!

Read full story...

Naruto manga ending November 10th after 15 years!

by Dave on Oct 09 2014 |

The Naruto manga is ending in Japan on November 10th after 15 years! The final chapter will be published in Shonen Jump and for sale just a month from today. Sad, happy, or did you stop following the series long ago? Naruto was one of my first anime series I really binged watched. I got in late - about 59 episodes into the first season. I quickly caught up though, which I recall being the golden era for anime fansubs on the Internet (that's before crunchy roll and streaming services for you youngins)! I never got into the manga though - but one thing is certain even if you disliked the series: Naruto was and still is a force to be reckoned with and helped move anime even further into American pop culture. Read full story...

Mount Fuji viewable in heart of Tokyo after typhoon!

by Dave on Oct 06 2014 |

It had been raining in Tokyo for about two days straight courtesy of a typhoon recently. The upside of very depressing weather is that it temporarily cleaned the air, making Mount Fuji viewable, which can be quite rare due to pollution! This picture was taken in Shinagawa Tokyo. Read full story...

Video: "Ninja school girl" parkour in Japan

by Dave on Oct 03 2014 |

"Two everyday Japanese High School students end up having a chase of epic proportions through the streets of Atami." Watch the original video that went viral in Japan then the documentary by Vice! Read full story...

Japan's bullet train (Shinkansen) turns 50!

by Dave on Oct 01 2014 |

The world's first bullet train turns 50 years old today! Japan launched its super-high-speed line from Tokyo to Osaka and vice versa back on October 1st, 1964.... Read full story...

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