Japan Yay @ JPOP SUMMIT Festival this weekend!

by Dave on Jul 16 2014 |

Japan Yay will be making the hike from Chicago to San Francisco this weekend to cover the JPOP SUMMIT Festival, so look forward to some juicy content! There's a lot going on... JPOP concerts (Tokyo Girls' Style), a full blown Japan film festival, sake taste testing, and tons of other cultural events! If you're in the bay area stop by - it's free! And you know you want some delicious Ramen, right? Yes. Check out JPOP SUMMIT's official website for additional information.

Review: Sailor Moon Crystal episode 1

by Nicole on Jul 07 2014 |

Created as a celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the beginning of the Sailor Moon manga, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, which just premiered on Hulu and across various other internet sources, represents a combination of modern technology and 1990s storytelling and aesthetic that utilizes updated character designs that better fit the original manga to tell more or less the same story that the 1992 anime did. This leads the first episode of Crystal to feel at once both new and familiar, making it accessible to fans both new and old without feeling overwhelming to either.

For the rest of the review, join me below the cut!

Read full story...

Documentary: No sex please, we're Japanese

by Dave on Jul 03 2014 |

Japan's population is on the decline and it has much of the world watching what will happen the next decade or so. Within the next 50 years if the current trend continues, Japan's population will decrease by a third - from roughly 120 million to around 80 million. Why is this happening? It's complicated, but this BBC documentary gives a very good overview of the many issues the world's third largest economy faces. Read full story...

Three Japan vloggers you need to start watching

by Dave on Jun 30 2014 |

I recently stumbled upon the world of Jvloggers. For those of you who are new to this made up term... simply put it's people vlogging about their experiences in Japan and throwing it up on YouTube. There are a ton of Japan vloggers, with new YouTube channels popping up every month. Read full story...

Spring 2014 Anime Wrap-up Part 2: Selector Infected Wixoss

by Nicole on Jun 29 2014 |

Since the release of Yu-gi-oh over a decade and a half ago, card game anime have served as something of a halfway point between sports anime – in that they use games and competition as their central plot device – and blatant marketing. However, it is only as of late that their numbers have exploded, with no less then seven such shows airing in the spring 2014 anime season. Among these anime, the only one truly worthy of note is J.C. Staff's Selector Infected Wixoss, a twelve-episode series that manages to stand above its competition by featuring an interesting and character-driven plot that focuses not on the card game on which it is based, but rather on the relationships between those who play it. Read full story...


by Dave on Jun 28 2014 |

The JPOP SUMMIT FESTIVAL is right around the corner (side note: I'll be there!) and with that comes the announcement of the popular teen pop group TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE first U.S performance! Read full story...

Japan eliminated from World Cup, lack of "jibuntachi no sakka"

by Dave on Jun 24 2014 |

Give credit to the super fan in the picture above. The Asian champions were sent home earlier today after a 4-1 defeat by a very talented Colombia squad. Read full story...

AbroadIn Japan: Teaching the F-word in Japan

by Dave on Jun 23 2014 |

Warning: SWEAR WORDS! There's apparently a book in Japan that teaches you how to use the word Fuck properly - something that comes naturally to native English speakers. Or at least it fucking came easy to me. My favorite British guy in Japan gives us yet another hilarious video.... Read full story...

Japanese cat chilling in a chair like a human

by Dave on Jun 16 2014 |

This isn't Maru, but do be afraid to watch the video! It's a Japanese cat sitting in a chair and probably the most non-contextual news post I've written for Japan Yay so far! Go me! Read full story...

Spring 2014 Anime Wrap-up Part 1: The problem with No Game No Life

by Nicole on Jun 16 2014 |

This spring season has been a relatively weak one for new anime, with a strange glut of card game-themed anime and fanservice slop serving to round out a crop of anime otherwise defined by several sequels, school life anime, and the return of big name titles like Dragon Ball Z Kai , JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Mushishi to TV. While this mix is by no means terrible, it has proven to be a tedious one, and it has had me counting down the weeks until it will all end, at which point a bunch of (hopefully) more enjoyable shows will hit the air waves.

This isn't to say that I found no enjoyment in this spring's anime, but rather I consumed far less of it then I typically do in a given anime season, watching two anime and dropping two others as the season went on. The shows I've managed to hold onto, and those I will be talking about here, are otaku fantasy anime No Game No life, and the card game anime Selector Infected Wixoss. Read full story...

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