.hack//ROOTS Complete Series Re-Release Out Tomorrow!

by Dave on May 18 2015 |

Hey .hack fans, FUNimation is re-releasing .hack//ROOTS tomorrow! If you haven't heard by now, .hack//SIGN and //Legend of the Twilight were also recently re-released. Read full story...

Japan Yay Is Live Blogging/Streaming At Anime Central This Weekend!

by Dave on May 13 2015 |

The Anime Central convention starts this Friday just outside of Chicago and Japan Yay will be live blogging cosplay picture and any breaking anime news/licensing agreements. Last year the Sailor Moon re-releases were announced, so stay tuned and here's to hoping for some more exciting news! We'll also be selectively streaming via Meerkat on Twitter when/if bandwidth is available, so be sure to follow us!

Click full story to view the live blog starting Friday evening, May 15th! If you are going to the convention and spot two people wearing Japan Yay shirts, please say hello! Read full story...

May 9th Is Goku Day In Japan!

by Dave on May 09 2015 |

The Dragon Ball Z manga is officially 30 years old! To celebrate this milestone, the Japan Anniversary Association (yeah, that's a thing) has declared May 9th Goku Day. Read full story...

Dragon Ball Super Anime Series Announced!

by Dave on Apr 28 2015 |

Dragon Ball is back! The new series will take place after the end of the Buu saga and will continue the story of Goku and friends. Read full story...

Not Even Ash Could Catch All These Pikachus

by Sharilyn on Apr 22 2015 |

A mass migration of pikachus is coming back this year. August 8-16 will be the second time Yokohama is overrun with these adorable pokemon. Read full story...

Death Note Back As Live Action TV Show

by Sharilyn on Apr 21 2015 |

Besides the manga, Death Note has taken us through an anime, live action movies, games, a musical, and finally now a live action TV show. The musical is running now in Tokyo and the TV show will follow soon after in July. Read full story...

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