Newest "Magical Boy" Anime Isn't So Enchanting After All

by JapanYay Feed on Jan 29 2015 |

Last year the hype for the “magical boy” anime Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (try saying that 5 times fast, I dare you) was bordering on frothing madness. Some bemoaned it with the same apprehension... Read full story...

Cast Recordings Begin On Dragon Ball Z: Fukatsu no F Movie

by JapanYay Feed on Jan 27 2015 |

It’s a series that never seems to die, though many have speculated in the past. Dragon Ball Z is getting (yet another) movie release. Read full story...

Action Manga Helped Industry Set Record Sales In 2014

by JapanYay Feed on Jan 23 2015 |

Manga compilation publishers appear to have the action genre to thank for record sales last year. According to Oricon’s “Annual Market Report” for 2014, manga sales were up over 100% from 2013. Best sellers included worldwide phenomenon... Read full story...

.hack//SIGN re-release set for February 24th, pre-order today!

by Dave on Dec 30 2014 |

Thank Aura! The complete series of .hack//SIGN is just a few short months away from being re-released! FUNimation currently has //SIGN on pre-order for $29.99, $10 off the sale price. The bonus episode entitled Intermezzo, which is set 2 years before .hack//SIGN and starring Mimiru, will be included with the DVD set.

The next .hack re-release will be .hack//Legend of the Twilight, hitting streets on April 7th, 2015. Check out the rest of the .hack re-release schedule. Read full story...

.hack//SIGN and many more .hack series set for re-release!

by Dave on Oct 14 2014 |

.hack fans snap out of your coma! Back in July of last year FUNimation announced the licensing of all (well, close enough) .hack anime from the now defunct Bandai Entertainment. Up until last week they've been very quiet on the timing of the releases. At New York Comic Con on Saturday FUNi broke its' silence and announced street dates for .hack//SIGN, //Legend of The Twilight, //Roots, and //Trilogy on DVD!

Read full story...

Naruto manga ending November 10th after 15 years!

by Dave on Oct 09 2014 |

The Naruto manga is ending in Japan on November 10th after 15 years! The final chapter will be published in Shonen Jump and for sale just a month from today. Sad, happy, or did you stop following the series long ago? Naruto was one of my first anime series I really binged watched. I got in late - about 59 episodes into the first season. I quickly caught up though, which I recall being the golden era for anime fansubs on the Internet (that's before crunchy roll and streaming services for you youngins)! I never got into the manga though - but one thing is certain even if you disliked the series: Naruto was and still is a force to be reckoned with and helped move anime even further into American pop culture. Read full story...

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