Spring 2014 Anime Wrap-up Part 1: The problem with No Game No Life

by Nicole on Jun 16 2014 |

This spring season has been a relatively weak one for new anime, with a strange glut of card game-themed anime and fanservice slop serving to round out a crop of anime otherwise defined by several sequels, school life anime, and the return of big name titles like Dragon Ball Z Kai , JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Mushishi to TV. While this mix is by no means terrible, it has proven to be a tedious one, and it has had me counting down the weeks until it will all end, at which point a bunch of (hopefully) more enjoyable shows will hit the air waves.

This isn't to say that I found no enjoyment in this spring's anime, but rather I consumed far less of it then I typically do in a given anime season, watching two anime and dropping two others as the season went on. The shows I've managed to hold onto, and those I will be talking about here, are otaku fantasy anime No Game No life, and the card game anime Selector Infected Wixoss. Read full story...

Throwback Thursday: Gunsmith Cats

by Nicole on Jun 12 2014 |

Hurry! Name one anime that takes place in Chicago!... All right, time is up. If you managed to name something other then Gunsmith Cats, then you obviously know something that I don't, but if you did say Gunsmith Cats then congratulations! You've discovered the anime I will be talking about for Throwback Thursday this week.

Now if you want to see more of the Windy City as depicted in anime form, then join me beneath the cut for the full story. Read full story...

Ayane and Daichi song collaboration at Chicago Japan Festival (video)!

by Dave on Jun 08 2014 |

The Chicago Japan Festival was this weekend and those who attended were treated with an hour and a half long concert staring Ayane and Daichi. The crowd was also surprised by a two-song collaboration near the end... Read full story...

New Tenchi Muyo anime announced

by Nicole on Jun 02 2014 |

Many of you may remember Tenchi Muyo from its run on Toonami in the early 2000s, but the roots of the franchise actually reach all the way back to 1992, when it was among the many anime released in the then new OVA format. The series would later go onto spawn two television anime, several spin-offs, and a number of manga and video games. And, just a few days ago, a brand new TV anime was announced that will broadcast later this year!

Get the full story beneath the cut! Read full story...

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods to be shown in select U.S. theaters

by Dave on Jun 01 2014 |

Ever wanted to see Dragon Ball Z in the theaters? If you're lucky enough to live in a select set of cities in North America... Read full story...

The Gospel of a New Century: Five anime to watch after Evangelion

by Nicole on May 28 2014 |

So you've seen Evangelion, the movie, and perhaps even the Rebuild series, but one question remains, what now? Well, to answer that question I bring you a list of five anime to that carry the same sort of spirit that Evangelion brought to the world of anime nearly twenty years ago. Read full story...

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