"Ghost in the Shell" And "Your Name" Mark Two Weeks Of Bliss For Anime Fans At Theaters

by Dave on Mar 31 2017 |

The hollywood blockbuster Ghost in the Shell (out now) movie starring Scarlett Johansson and the critically acclaimed Your Name will be in theaters together starting next week. If you're a fan of anime and love going to the theaters, you're on cloud nine right now. Read full story...

Ghost In The Shell Movie Hits Theaters Friday... And We're Waiting For Critic Reviews (Good or Bad)

by Dave on Mar 28 2017 |

The highly anticipated hollywood adapdation of Ghost in the Shell premiers in just a few short days in the United States. And I'm anxiously waiting for the critic reviews embargo to expire. I'm a movie snob. No wait... I'm an IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings snob, so minus some credit-ability points for me! Read full story...

Death Note Live Action Teaser Trailer Is Out!

by Dave on Mar 22 2017 |

If you didn't know Death Note was being made into a live action series funded by Netflix, this may be very shocking to you. Netflix released the official teaser trailer today, so check it out in the full story! The series premiers August 25th in the United States & Canada. Read full story...

'Your Name' Tickets Now Available For Limited U.S. Theater Run!

by Dave on Mar 20 2017 |

Japan's biggest box office hit of 2016 is coming to the United States with a limited theater run starting April 7th, and tickets are now on sale! Your Name tells the story of two high schoolers who suddenly switch bodies overnight. Check out the full story for more info and to watch the English dub trailer! Read full story...

Top 5 Anime Power Couples Of All Time

by Japan Yay! Staff on Mar 15 2017 |

When you think of couples, you might think of some syrupy-sweet shojo manga where the main male and female characters fall in love with each other over the course of the series.  However, the great thing about anime is that there are many different types of couples.  Yes, there are romantic couples, but you also have battle partners, business partners, and even just good friends -or rivals turned friends- who are now allied for a common cause.  Keeping that in mind, here is a peek at some of anime's best 'power' couples.

Read full story...

International Women's Day: Which Female Character Inspires You?

by Sharilyn on Mar 08 2017 |

On International Women's Day we thought it would be nice to talk about some of the Japanese entertainment characters that have inspired us to be better women, better men, or to one day get a transformation pen filled with moon prism power. So tell us which anime, manga, or video game lady inspires you the most! Read full story...

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