Magical Girls Genre Taking Over Fall 2016 Anime!

by Morgana on Oct 10 2016 |

Before the Fall 2016 season was announced, a few magical girl anime started to surface during the Summer anime season. However now it appears that magical girl anime is on the rise this autumn. At least four new magical girl anime have made their debut this past week--though admittedly one is a second season. Read full story...

We're Launching An Online Artist Alley! Artists/Sellers Wanted!

by Dave on Oct 07 2016 |

We've been secretly working on something for over a month now and we're very, very close to launching an online store! This isn't just a bland online store though - we are actively partnering with independent artists that you might have stumbled upon at anime conventions in the "Artist Alley" when shopping for anime swag. Read full story...

BABYMETAL Anime To Debut In United States Next Year

by Japan Yay! Staff on Oct 04 2016 |

Amuse Inc., one of the biggest Japanese animation studios is teaming up with Blue Ribbon Content (A Warner Brother's subsidiary) to bring kawaii metal fans around the world a new BabyMetal anime.  Read full story...

FLCL Japanese Blu-ray Announced, Will Include English Subs

by Dave on Oct 01 2016 |

FLCL, also known as FooliCooli, is being re-released in a new box set in Japan to celebrate its upcoming second season. It will ship in late November and will cost around a hundred bucks. Read full story...

Sailor Moon Gets a New High End Replica Toy: Kaleidomoon Scope!

by Dave on Sep 30 2016 |

Fans of the iconic Sailor Moon franchise can now add another piece of the magical girl's weaponry to their arsenal: The Kaleidomoon Scope.

Read full story...

First Ghost In The Shell Teaser Trailers Premier During Mr. Robot Finale! (Video)

by Dave on Sep 21 2016 |

The first teasers for the live action Ghost in The Shell movie premiered during Mr. Robot's season 2 finale on USA. Check out the teasers in the full story. GitS is due out March 31, 2017 in the United States. Read full story...

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