Bleach Manga To End In Two Weeks, New Anime For Final Arc?

by Japan Yay! Staff on Aug 08 2016 |

Bleach, which has been an ongoing series since August 21, 2001, will finally be releasing its last chapter on August 22, 2016. While the current story arc has been going on since 2012, many readers were shocked by the sudden announcement in July that Volume 74 would be its last. Read full story...

International Sailor Moon Day Is Tomorrow!

by Sharilyn on Aug 05 2016 |

The first Saturday in August is tomorrow, August 6th, which means it's International Sailor Moon Day! Whether you fight evil by moonlight or just like to cuddle up with a cat you named Luna, this day is for you. There are events taking place across the globe all weekend long. Read full story...

QUIZ: How Well Do You Really Know .hack?

by Sharilyn on Aug 05 2016 |

Take this quiz to find out where you would place in this special event. Read full story...

Anime Midwest Recap and VIDEO

by Sharilyn on Aug 02 2016 |

We went to Anime Midwest for the first time this year, and we had a blast! It takes place in the Hyatt Rosemont, which is the same place as Anime Central and Con+Alt+Delete. With a little over 10,000 in attendance it has a nice feel of a big con while still being fairly intimate. It has been growing steadily every year too so they keep getting more and more goodness. Check out the video and full review below! (Plus a TL;DR if you need it) Read full story...

Top 5 Most Dramatic Moments In Anime (Spoilers)

by Japan Yay! Staff on Jul 21 2016 |

Anime can be full of tropes and cliches, but every once in awhile a show will come along and shock everyone with a plot twist so surprising and dramatic that it is remembered years later. Here are our 5 picks.

Read full story...

4 Anime Movies You Should Put On Your Watch List

by Japan Yay! Staff on Jul 18 2016 |

Running out of anime series to binge watch? Check out 4 anime movies you should put on you watch list! Read full story...

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