We Chat Sailor Moon and BABYMETAL With Porn Stars Lexi Belle and Vicki Chase (Yes, You Read Right)

by Dave on Jul 16 2016 |

Porn stars are anime and Japanese kawaii metal fans too! And maybe less surprising, hentai fans as well. We interviewed Lexi Belle and Vicki Chase while at Anime Midwest 2016. Yes, there was a porn convention going on upstairs at the same venue... more on that and a sexy cosplay contest here. We chat Sailor Moon, BABY METAL, and the upcoming Suicide Squad movie with Lexi and Vicki. Check out the video in the full story! Read full story...

Using Manga to Build Japanese Vocabulary (And Improve Speaking Too!)

by Amy on Jul 15 2016 |

Have you ever read manga?

What about reading manga in Japanese? Read full story...

Fantasy Foods at Ghibli Exhibit

by Morgana on Jul 15 2016 |

Studio Ghlibli’s exhibit in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills skyscraper is covering 30 years of stunning works in film and animation. However, many of the fans are most excited by the cafe included in the exhibit. In Ghibli’s films, food is animated in a mouthwatering fashion. Characters almost always dine together, finding comfort in food. The cafe is no exception, as now fans too can enjoy selections inspired by the movies for a limited time. Read full story...

Studio Ghibli Exhibit Open in Tokyo

by Morgana on Jul 14 2016 |

A major Studio Ghlibli exhibit just opened in Tokyo on July 7th, 2016. The exhibition is open to the public in the Roppongi Hills skyscraper. The show is titled “Ghibli Expo: From Nausicaä to Its Latest Film, The Red Turtle. The show will run through September 11, leading up to the Japanese release of Red Turtle. Michael Dudok de Wit’s Red Turtle is Ghibli’s first international co-production. Read full story...

Top 10 Pokémon Go Tips: Beyond The Basics

by Sharilyn on Jul 13 2016 |

The phenomenon of Pokémon GO has completely taken over, but without a lot of instructions to go along with it the game play can be a bit confusing. We assume by now most of you have figured out the basics. So here are our top 10 tips to take your training skills to the next level. And remember, stay safe out there Pokémon Masters. Read full story...

Top 4 Anime Series Cliches We All Love To Hate, But Would Totally Be Sad If They Went Away

by Japan Yay! Staff on Jul 12 2016 |

Anime is full of unique premises, interesting characters, and great plot twists. But sometimes there are just some cliches that almost every show seems to have. But as a lover of the genre, those cliches have grown on you and are now just expected. Here are 4 tropes and cliches that we all love to hate. Read full story...

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