Cherry Blossom Season Is Here! And So Are All The Delicious Sakura Themed Drinks And Food!

by Dave on Mar 13 2017 |

Plum trees are about to bloom all across Japan within the next month and a half! It's a beautiful sight many people visit Japan just to witness first hand! The beginning of the Sakura season highlights that spring is just around the corner in Japan. It also brings about a TON of cherry blossom themed food and drinks.

McDonald's announced the Sakura Cherry McFizz and the McFloat Sakuranbo, which will both have a cherry fruity taste. Both will be available from March to early April, the peak season of cherry blossoms.

Coca Cola has released a special edition of canned coke with Sakura themed branding.

7-11 has also jumped on the bandwagon, releasing delicious cherry treats.

Most of these products are only available in Japan, so if you're lucky enough to be there during the peak season, take a look around for these delicious treats (and many more!).