World’s First Starbucks with Tatami Rooms Opened Last Week in Kyoto

by Amy on Jul 05 2017 |

Kyoto is Japan’s ancient capital with a multitude of historic attractions and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Now, a new attraction can be added to your touring list when you visit this gorgeous city: Starbucks. Starbucks Japan has opened inside an old two-story Japanese home that is over 100 years old in Kyoto. The home-turned-store faces Ninenzaka, a popular street lined with traditional shops that leads from Kiyomizu temple to Kodaiji temple.

The shop features three rooms with tatami (straw matting) on the second floor accompanied by floor pillows. It is the first Starbucks coffee outlet in the world to utilize tatami flooring in its design. The home had been vacant for several years and was last in operation until 2005 when it hosted traditional entertainers such as geisha. Starbucks’ purchase of this site not only will revitalize the building, but will attract even more tourists to the area.

Recently, Starbucks as well as other major global companies have started to expand into markets in ways that embrace the cultural heritage of the region. For instance, Starbucks stores in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Gyeongju, South Korea and Ibn Battuta, Dubai have all been designed to integrate within the surrounding vicinity rather than as a separate, distinct store.

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