Ride the Pokemon-themed train in Japan This Summer!

by Amy on Jul 14 2017 |

Riding trains in Japan is always a treat. With the plush seats, immaculate cleanliness and quiet ride, what’s not to enjoy? What would make the experience even more entertaining would be if you could spot your favorite Pokemon characters like Pikachu along the trip. Now you can with a Pokemon-themed train called “Pokemon with You!” 40,000 fans have ridden on the train since 2012. This year, it’s returned once more with some upgrades.

The train originally debuted in early 2012 to help raise the spirits to children living in areas devastated by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami disasters. The interior of the train had a woodland theme and featured over 100 pokemon but the train has been given a Pikachu-themed makeover! Box seats are adorned with poke balls and a new play area has been created for parents to help calm fussy children.

Through September 30, the train will ride on the Ofunato Line, a local rail in Iwate Prefecture, which stretches from Ichinoseki to Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture. The train will also follow a time schedule for its departure and arrival. It will leave Ichinoseki Station at 11:01am and will arrive at Kesennuma Station at 12:51pm. From Kesennuma Station, its return trip will be at 2:37pm while its arrival at Ichinoseki Station will be at 4:34pm.

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