NSFW: The Christmas Party Scene In Japan Is Serious Business (PIC)

by Dave on Dec 04 2015 |

With a population of less than 1% declaring Christianity as a practicing religion, Japan doesn't officially celebrate Christmas like the mega-event it is in the United States. Japanese think of Christmas as a romantic holiday. Many couples will spend time together and exchange gifts - most likely on Christmas Eve. For those who are single... Read full story...

Small Tokyo Noodle Shop Tsuta Gets World's First Michelin Star For Ramen!

by Dave on Dec 02 2015 |

It's official: the world's best ramen is served inside a 9-seat restaurant in Sugamo Tokyo. Jot this name down the next time you are in Japan or are planning a future visit! Read full story...

Toyota Announces Kirobo, A 4 Inch Mini Robot To Keep Sleepy Drivers Awake

by Dave on Nov 25 2015 |

Kirobo Mini is Toyota's interesting attempt to keep people who drive alone awake and sane. I mean as sane as it can get for talking to a 4 inch robot. Kirobo Mini will converse with a driver to prevent boredom and attempt to understand when someone is falling asleep at the wheel. Check out the video in the full story! Read full story...

Netflix Original "Underwear" Is Uniquely Japan, Hopeful Future Anime Series?

by Dave on Nov 24 2015 |

Were you expecting a high school ecchi anime series to be one of the first Netflix originals to come out of Japan? Well you guessed wrong. "Underwear tells the story of Mayuko Tokito, a young woman who grew up in the countryside on Japan’s Northernmost island of Hokkaido. After studying textiles at University, Mayuko begins her career at a high-end, custom lingerie atelier in Tokyo called Emotion."

Read full story...

VICE Documentary: The New Breed Of Japanese Gangsters

by Dave on Nov 20 2015 |

Tattoos and Japan are synonymous with the Yakuza. It's so widely scrutinized in Japan that you can't even visit a ryokan to get your wash on if you have a tattoo. This VICE documentary gives us a bit of insight on how it's like having tattoos and not being directly affiliated with the Yakuza. Check out the video in the full story! Read full story...

Japanese Battles South Korea Over Pocky Day

by Sharilyn on Nov 19 2015 |

Pocky is the magical Japanese chocolate covered snack that is downright delicious, not to mention super convenient with its non-chocolate handle. If you haven't had it go out right now and get yourself some here. Seriously, it's going to make your mouth way happier than this article ever could. Moving on, since 1966 it has ruled the snack community as a kind and benevolent overlord. That is until South Korea started making their own a bit too similar Pepero sticks in 1983. Read full story...

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