Japan Podcast Spotlight: Cat & Fox

by Dave on Sep 17 2015 |

Japan Yay recently had a shout out on the Cat & Fox podcast, a really fun show that covers anime, gaming, manga, and everything Japan basically. What makes this show very unique is that one of the hosts actually lives in Japan and she shares her unique experiences. And you've probably seen some of her stuff on Japan Yay as well. If you're looking for some slice of life Japan stories and live interactive chat room discussion around anime or video games (the podcast is done live and then released), check out the podcast and keep it in your rotation! Read full story...

Kyoto Releases Etiquette Guide For English Speaking Foreigners Who Don't Know How To Use Toilets

by Dave on Sep 04 2015 |

Kyoto is a beautiful city and I had the chance to visit for two days a few years back, which ended up being too little time to explore Japan's old capital! There has been a surge in tourism recently and it has prompted Kyoto to release an etiquette guide to correct some behavioral issues breaking Japanese cultural norms some tourists may have no knowledge about. Read full story...

Japan Scraps Alleged Plagriarized Olympic Logo

by Dave on Sep 02 2015 |

It's official - the ugliest Olympic logo in history has been scrapped by Japan. If you're going to plagiarize atleast make it better looking! In place of the logo, which was created by designer Kenjiro Sano, a competition has been created to find the best logo for the 2020 Olympics hosted in Tokyo.

Read full story...

Ever Wanted To See What IKEA Is Like In Japan? (Video)

by Dave on Aug 31 2015 |

IKEA is in Japan and Swedish Meatballs have even made its way to the country we all love. Check out the video in the full story for a cool walk through of IKEA Japan. If you've been to IKEA in the US the layout looks very similar. Read full story...

Unofficial Fan-made Tokyo 2020 Olympic Logo Just Made the Official Logo Look Terrible

by Dave on Aug 25 2015 |

There has been some slight controversy surrounding the official Tokyo 2020 Olympic logo. Part of the design looks to have been plagiarized. And honestly the logo just really really sucks. However, someone on the Twitter-verse decided to create a better one and it's gained popularity quickly. Read full story...

9 Surprisingly Expensive Things in Japan

by Dave on Aug 12 2015 |

One of my favorite YouTube vloggers in Japan, Texan in Tokyo, put out a very interesting video about 9 expensive things in Japan that will probably surprise you. For example, fruit is super expensive... so you should probably smuggle a bunch of bananas into the country if you... uh, really like bananas. Check out the video in the full comments to find out the 8 other items. Read full story...

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