Chibi Tamagotchi Released in Japan for Ultimate 90’s Nostalgia

by Amy on Apr 12 2017 |

The classic Tamagotchi tchotchke has once again hit the Japanese market, in chibi (tiny!) form. Japanese toy company Bandai first released the gadget globally in 1997 (following a positive Japan-only release in 1996), selling over 76 million worldwide at the time. Due to its huge success, several knock-off versions by other companies were distributed across the world, but none are as iconic and endearing as Bandai’s innovative egg-shaped digital companion. Read full story...

From Chara-ben to School Lunch Programs: Eating Right in Japan

by Amy on Apr 05 2017 |

Japan is a model for the world in terms of lunches. In general, the food served to children is healthier and mealtime is observed as an educational, communal experience not as a rushed recreational activity. There are generally three ways food is prepared in Japan, through: 1) kyushoku or a school lunch program 2) in a cafeteria setting or 3) brought from home as bento boxes. Read full story...

Japan's Foreigner Population At All Time High

by Dave on Mar 18 2017 |

A total of 2.3 million foreigners are now living in Japan, making it an all-time record. The Japanese government touted a 6.7% rise year over year. Read full story...

Reasons Aside from Beauty to Visit Japan during Cherry Blossom Season

by Amy on Mar 16 2017 |

If you’re planning a trip to Japan in the spring, it is advised to see the country when the sakura (cherry blossoms) are in full bloom. For many, the thought of Japan conjures up images featuring romantic landscapes speckled with those iconic fluffy pink flowers. But there are more reasons aside from the beauty that make cherry blossom season the perfect time to cross Japan off your bucket list. Read full story...

Cherry Blossom Season Is Here! And So Are All The Delicious Sakura Themed Drinks And Food!

by Dave on Mar 13 2017 |

Plum trees are about to bloom all across Japan within the next month and a half! It's a beautiful sight many people visit Japan just to witness first hand! The beginning of the Sakura season highlights that spring is just aroudn the corner in Japan. It also brings about a TON of cherry blossom themed food and drinks.

Read full story...

Nyango Star, Japan's Mascot for the Tohoku Region, Rocks Away On Some Drums!

by Dave on Mar 07 2017 |

Basically everything, including regions in Japan, has a mascot in this wonderful country. It's cute and it makes you pay attention. See some of our previous articles on all these mascots! But for this particular one, check out Nyago star rock out to some drums! Read full story...

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