Yubari, Japan: A crumbling city devoid of young people

by Dave on Aug 21 2014 |

The average age of a Yubari resident is 57 years old. In a lengthy article written by Richard Hendy for The Guardian, who is well known for documenting the decay of certain areas in Japan on the Internet, he lays out the issues this once bustling city in Japan has had and its grim future. Give it a full read read at his blog, Spike Japan.

After reading his article... if you want a more video tour of Yubari, check out the BBC documentary "No sex please, we're Japanese" here (skip to 1:30 mins, it's really interesting!). Read full story...

Road rage? Not in Japan!

by Dave on Aug 17 2014 |

Here's a cool short video I stumbled upon while browsing Reddit. Japanese culture is know for its politeness -- even when driving. A stark contrast to the United States and other countries where it is a free-for-all on the roads and turn signals are seldom used. Click Read full story to check out the video Read full story...

AbroadIn Japan: Love hotels

by Dave on Aug 02 2014 |

Love hotels are very popular in Japan. What are they? Do I really need to type it out? Take a look at the innocent Hello Kitty plushie in the picture above and see if it clicks for you. Check out AbroadIn Japan's experience with this unique aspect of Japanese culture. Read full story...

Japanese men's life expectancy surpasses 80 years old

by Dave on Aug 01 2014 |

For the first time ever the average life expectancy for a Japanese man has surpassed 80 years old. Japanese Women remain the longest living in the world (86~ years old), according to The Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry. While this is extremely positive, the increase of life expectancy is one of many unique issues Japan current faces: the elderly outnumber the youth and the population is expected to decrease by a third within the next 50 years. Check out this BBC documentary for more information. Read full story...

Pikachus set to take over Yokohama Japan on August 9th!

by Dave on Jul 31 2014 |

Pikachus are taking over Yokohama Japan! The event entitled "Pikachu Tairyo Hassei Chu" (which translates to "An Outbreak of Pikachus") starts on August 9th and will coincide with a Pikachu festival in Yokohama, which is about 40 minutes outside of Tokyo. Basically if you have a wild fanboy/fangirl crush on Pikachu, you need to book your plane ticket to Japan this week to experience what heaven might be like! Click read full story to check the video out! Read full story...

Una live @ J-POP SUMMIT Festival

by Dave on Jul 20 2014 |

Una performed "Lonely Flower" at Peace Plaza in Japan Town, San Francisco at the JPOP SUMMIT Festival Sunday afternoon. Very cool, ambient-like song! If this doesn't relax you, you've got some deep anger problems! PS: Isn't Una very kawaiiiii?!

Read full story...

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