Emperor Akihito Takes On Prime Minister Abe

by Morgana on Aug 09 2016 |

On Monday at 3:00pm local time, Emperor Akihito made a televised speech that confirmed his intent to abdicate. He spoke of his health, his symbolic position under Japan’s modern constitution, the difficulties of his duties, and his love for the people of Japan. He made it clear that he desires to abdicate the throne in the least tumultuous manner possible. Read full story...

Meet Yet Another Japan Mascot: Gudetama, The Depressed And Lazy Egg

by Amy on Aug 06 2016 |

Trans: The snooze button is always on

In Japan, mascots are a pretty big deal. Businesses create cute characters to promote their products, governments design mascots that highlight their town’s local history, culture or attractiveness and corporations like Sanrio and San-X exclusively sell merchandise speckled with characters as a type of soft power in society. Following in the footsteps of other character powerhouses like Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma, there is a new character in town named Gudetama that is slowly taking over Japan and the world. Read full story...

A Visual Guide On What Goes Into Delicious Ramen! Warning: You Will Want Ramen After Viewing This

by Dave on Aug 04 2016 |

Check out this visual graphic of what goes into delicious ramen! If you don't want ramen after viewing this guide, you probably just ate some? If you DO want ramen, check out Yelp for your best local place. Or cook up some microwavable ones! Read full story...

Yuriko Koike Elected As Tokyo’s First Female Governor And What This Means For Japan

by Amy on Aug 03 2016 |

This past Sunday, former Japanese defense and environment minister Yuriko Koike was elected to serve as the new governor of Tokyo. Not only is the feat of becoming the first female governor in Tokyo impressive, but it is equally as remarkable that she ran independently and was able to clench a landslide victory. In Japan, only 9% of national level lawmakers are female and Koike was not publicly supported by members of her own party, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Read full story...

Cute Deer In Nara Park Bow For Food

by Sharilyn on Aug 02 2016 |

Nara Park in Japan has many attractions, including almost 1,200 super tame deer that roam around and don't seem to be afraid of people at all. In fact they like people a lot when they're being fed delicious crackers. Check out the video from INSIDER Travel of super polite deer bowing for their food. Read full story...

Branching Paths Documentary Released

by Morgana on Jul 31 2016 |

The new documentary Branching Paths is out on the Steam and Playism stores. Branching Paths: A Journey Through Japan’s Indie Game Scene shows a variety of people who develop, publish, and gravitate towards indie games in Japan. Read full story...

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