CyberConnect2's "Project N.U." Name May Hint Towards Lots Of .hack Media In The Near Future

by Dave on Sep 18 2015 |

Along with the announcement of New World Vol. 1: Maiden of Silver Tears, CyberConnect2 revealed something that wasn't quite obvious unless you've been following the .hack franchise very closely over the years. CC2 loves to create code names for projects that span multiple media fronts, especially .hack. Read full story for more info. Read full story...

Japan Podcast Spotlight: Cat & Fox

by Dave on Sep 17 2015 |

Japan Yay recently had a shout out on the Cat & Fox podcast, a really fun show that covers anime, gaming, manga, and everything Japan basically. What makes this show very unique is that one of the hosts actually lives in Japan and she shares her unique experiences. And you've probably seen some of her stuff on Japan Yay as well. If you're looking for some slice of life Japan stories and live interactive chat room discussion around anime or video games (the podcast is done live and then released), check out the podcast and keep it in your rotation! Read full story...

CyberConnect2 Announces "New World" Mobile RPG, .hack About To Be Rebooted? (Video)

by Dave on Sep 16 2015 |

Wake up out of your comas .hack fans - I think we're about to witness .hack being rebooted! CyberConnect2 and Bandai Namco announced late last night a new mobile RPG title named "New World" for iOS and Android. New World Vol. 1: Maiden of Silver Tears is due out in Japan sometime in 2015 - release date TBD. Check out the full story for the video and more information about the new game! Read full story...

Nintendo's President And CEO Satoru Iwata Passes Away

by Dave on Jul 13 2015 |

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Somber news to report Monday. It was widely reported last night that Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's President and CEO since 2002, passed away with complications due to cancer.

Yu Suzuki Clarifies Shenmue III Funding From Sony And Shibuya Productions

by Dave on Jun 24 2015 |

Shenmue III's announcement was one week ago today and since then it's raised $3.6 million to date. The number of backers have slowed down dramatically though - and many people in the gaming community are blaming the lack of visibility on how the funds will be used. Shenmue III can't be created with funding solely by the campaign - especially if it fails to reach $5 million, with the ultimate goal being $10 million. Today Yu Suzuki clarified how the Kickstarter's funds will be used and Sony and Shibuya Production's involvement. Hint: it's a good thing! Read full story...

Shenmue III Kickstarter Surpasses $3 Million, $5 Million Stretch Goal Announced!

by Dave on Jun 18 2015 |

Now that we've all had some time to process Sony's epic E3 conference announcements, here's an update to Shenmue III's Kickstarter! And full disclosure here - I am a huge Shenmue fan, so we'll be following its development closely on Japan Yay! Shenmue III has now passed $3 Million and Yu Suzuki and company are looking to hit another stretch goal - $5 Million! Read full story...

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