Final Fantasy XV Goes VR + #E32016 Tidbits

by Japan Yay! Staff on Jun 15 2016 |

Final Fantasy XV has been in development for nearly a decade, but the game has finally started to take shape. This year at E3, Square-Enix has shown more trailers for the new game, plus announced the addition of virtual reality components on the Playstation 4 version. Read full story...

Pokémon Go Will Be Available On iOS And Android In July! #E32016

by Dave on Jun 15 2016 |

If you've ever wanted to actually be Ash Ketchum in real life, you NEED TO download Pokémon Go on your iOS or Android phone once it is released in July. The July release date was announced by Nintendo earlier today at E3. Read full story...

New Pokémon Sun and Moon Details And Trailer #E32016

by Morgana on Jun 14 2016 |

At Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse Live presentation, new information for the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Pokemon Moon video games surfaced. Three new Pokémon have been revealed, along with the new battle format: Battle Royal. The new battle system involves four players battling against each other at the same time. Read full story...

Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Trailer #E32016

by Dave on Jun 14 2016 |

Nintendo announced at their E3 conference earlier today Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. And the game's trailer does indeed look breathtaking! The game is due out in 2017 and will be on the Wii U and Nintendo's mysterious new console, NX. Check out the full story for the trailer. Read full story...

Get Your Ears Cleaned Virtually By A Cute Anime Girl On iOS And Android July 1st!

by Dave on Jun 14 2016 |

Want to get your ears cleaned by a cute Japanese girl? We've got the game for you, Nagomi's Ear Cleaning VR! “Nagomi’s Ear-cleaning VR” is a game providing relief for players through virtual ear cleaning. Developed for smartphones, this application allows players to relax by letting a manga/anime-style girl give their ear a good cleaning simulation."

Read full story...

God Wars: Beyond Time to Focus on Japanese Mythology and Folklore On PS4 And Vita #E32016

by JapanYay Feed on Jun 14 2016 |

Kadokawa Games’ latest tactical role-playing game, God Wars: Beyond Time, will have a focus on Japanese mythology and folklore. The storyline behind the game starts in the ancient land of Mizuho, surrounded by beautiful greenery and crystal waters, where a beautiful princess, condemned to be sacrificed, instead flees and undertakes a journey that involves many adventures. Read full story...

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