Fantasy Sports Gets A Moe Makeover In Japan

by Sharilyn on Nov 18 2015 |

Fantasy football and baseball are all the rage in the west, increasing viewing of teams people otherwise wouldn't care about (I too am guilty of falling for this trap). So Japan has decided to use it in boat racing to get people more interested in the sport. Naturally this includes adding moe girls as mascots for each of the regions participating. You simply pick one of the girls to bet on their boats. It may not have the same reach without the draft days of western sports, but you have to admit it is a lot cuter. The five girls are: Princess Kiku for Kanto, Horin for Takoi, Nao for Kinki, Miya for Chu-Shikoku, and Aya for Kyushu. My question is, why does only one of them get to be a princess? Seems like Kanto region is getting some unfair advantages even before the racing starts. The video below shows each girl and explains the contest. The moe characters show up at 40 seconds, each with a different personality it seems.

For reference, here is a video of the boat racing. It's one person on a boat with a bunch of boats racing around a track. Try and figure out what about it wasn't exciting enough to get people to watch it without all the cuteness. The race starts at 1:30.