Turtle Turmoil! Trenches Touted To Tortoises Traversing Tracks

by Sharilyn on Dec 09 2015 |

Countless turtles have been squashed by Japanese trains as both were just going about their day. In a solution that will satisfy both the sweet hearted among us and the fiercely practical, trenches are being built to provide safe passage for the turtles underneath the train tracks. This ensures they stay safe as they make their way to nearby ponds and keeps trains from being delayed or damaged from hitting the poor creatures.

Also they look super cute in their little turtle trenches. Hopefully trains won't be delayed by visitors watching and screaming Kawaii! Maybe that would just be me. There are personal who monitor the tracks to make sure turtles use them properly and don't get confused and stuck. If they do they are nicely moved to the other side of the tracks so they can still make their daily journey back and forth. Now if the West could find some way to make deer go through tunnels and not onto highways, we'd be set.

PS: Hope you enjoyed The Title, This writer clearly has To much Time on Their hands. But Try saying it Ten Times fast. Go!