Cat Day In Japan!

by Sharilyn on Feb 25 2016 |

The amazing Cat Day takes place every year on 2/22 because the number 2 sound like the sounds a cat makes (ni versus nyan). This amazing day has been a part of Japan since 1987. It is a celebration of our lovable friends and features adorable cat cosplay, cat shaped food, and of course pictures of every cuddly terror that people own. There are quite a few cats in Japan. And by quite a few, I mean 10 million cats kept as pets! As the number of older people living alone has grown the number of cats is steadily increasing and is about to surpass dogs as man's best friend in Japan. Cats rule, dogs drool! If you own both pets, you know that's totally true.

Plus that 10 million is only pet cats, and doesn't even take into account random strays that might be around. In fact there are whole islands in Japan just full of cats, see our article about it here.

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