Takahashi Minami Of AKB 48 Has "Graduation" Concert

by JapanYay Feed on Apr 03 2016 |

Takahashi Minami has been a part of AKB 48 since its creation in 2005 as one of the original members. The group currently has had 184 members over 15 "generations" and has several sister groups all over Japan, including Namba, Hakata, Sakae and most recently Niigata. They are currently one of the best selling groups of all time.

Known by the fans as Takamina, she auditioned for the first generation in 2005 and quickly became one of the most recognized faces of the group. Takamina stands at only 148.5 cm tall, making her the shortest member of the group, but her outgoing and often loud demeanor made her one of the most popular members.

In 2009, she was made the captain of Team A, one of the stage teams that performed in the theater. By 2012, she was named as the captain of the entire group, a position that was created for her. She announced her intentions to leave the group last year and passed on the captaincy to Yokoyama Yui, a ninth generation member.

After many delays in her graduation concert, she was finally given a final farewell over the last weekend of March 2016. She was celebrated by a 2 day, 3 part concert that included an incredible finale on the last night featuring her and a lot of former members. She performed with all of the sister groups and in one final song, performed a solo song with all of members watching on.