BABYMETAL Anime To Debut In United States Next Year

by Japan Yay! Staff on Oct 04 2016 |

Amuse Inc., one of the biggest Japanese animation studios is teaming up with Blue Ribbon Content (A Warner Brother's subsidiary) to bring kawaii metal fans around the world a new BabyMetal anime. 

The show will be reminiscent of the classic music cartoons of the 80's like Jem. The girls will travel into an animated universe of heavy metal which is being attacked by outside forces. The trio will become metal warriors imbued with the power of the Kitsune god to protect the land.

Interspersed between the animated content will be live action segments with the girls. Although there are no details, it will most likely be similar to the PUFFY show from the early 2000's that aired on Cartoon Network. They will also feature several live performances of all of their hit songs and possibly some new tracks as well.

The girls have continued to be one of the strongest musical acts coming out of Japan in 2016. They just completed a world tour in the first half of the year, followed by a Japan tour during the summer. They have also been present at a slew of award shows, winning several awards. 

The cartoon does not have a release date currently, but it is expected to come out some time in the next year, while the momentum of the band continues to grow.