Top 4 Japanese Sweet Summer Desserts For 2017 You Need To Try!

by Japan Yay! Staff on Jun 17 2017 |

Summer is here in Japan and the United States. Checkout our top 4 must-try summer treats straight from Japan!


Wagashi is the name for traditional Japanese desserts. These sweets are traditionally enjoyed best with an accompanying cup of green tea. There are hundreds of types of Wagashi prepared in several different styles. Tempt your taste buds with a tease of a few traditional Japanese sweet summer desserts.


Mizu-kan is a type of nama-gashi. This sweet Japanese dessert made from seaweed gelatin, Kohaku-kan is a traditional Japanese treat. This jelly treat is delicious on its own, and it is the basis for several delicacies from Japan. The dessert owes its translucent, amber color to the caramelized sugar syrup. Mugi-chai, a tea made from roasted barely, imparts both flavor and deepens the amber color. These are usually 


The gorgeous culinary wonders shaped into flowers, fruits or birds are Nerikiri. Tea shops serve varying shapes to indicate changes in the season. Despite esthetic differences, these sweet Japanese desserts are unified in their flavor and ingredients: sticky rice flour, sugar, and white bean.


When the temperatures heat up, cool down with the sweet Japanese dessert known as kakigori; shaved ice cream, in English. This traditional summer treat is a simple recipe of shaved ice, with green tea or fruit pour over it. Additional toppings can include condensed milk, bean paste, sticky rice cakes or whip cream. 

After your authentic Japanese meal of sweet treats, repeat the traditional after-meal expression, "gochiso sama deshita." This translates to, "it was quite a feast."