BABY METAL U.S. Tour Coming To End In Chicago & Ohio, MoaMetal Turns 17

by Dave on Jul 17 2016 |

Fans around the world celebrated the birthday of Moa Mikuchi also known as MoaMetal, who turned 17 on July 4th.

The youngest of the Baby Metal trio (Yuimetal turned 17 on June 20th), Moa has been active with the group since the band was created in 2010. However, she has been involved in show business for a long time.

In 2007, at the young age of 8, Moa was signed to the Amuse, Inc talent agency, which is one of the biggest talent agencies in Japan, which includes artists such as Perfume, Hoshino Gen, Yuria, and the Southern All Stars. She got this position by winning second place in an audition.

At age 11, she would join Sakura Gakuin, which is an idol group that is designed for elementary and middle school kids. While a part of this group, her, Yui, and Suzuka joined the heavy music club, which would go on and become Baby Metal.

Although Suzuka left Sakura Gakuin in 2013, and Yui and Moa left in 2015, the talent agency decided to keep the group of girls together. By 2015, Baby Metal was a worldwide phenomenon that had outgrown the much less popular Sakura Gakuin,

Moa celebrated her birthday month in the U.S., with two major shows on the West Coast.

They will round out their trip to the US by heading to Chicago on the 17th and Ohio at the AP Music Awards on the 18th, before heading back to Japan at the end of the month. Tickets are still available for the Chicago show if you decide to go last minute, which is tonight @5PM central!