Cat Cafe not cute enough? Japan says why not an Owl Cafe

by Sharilyn on Feb 06 2015 |

Last year the very first cat café in the U.S. opened in Oakland, California. While this adorable idea may seem new to us, the trend has been spreading across countries ever since the idea became popular in Japan a decade ago. So after 10 years how do they keep people excited about animal cafes? By having one exclusively for owls obviously. The owls are tied to perches so guests can pet their amazingly soft feathers, have an owl rest on their arm, and get a keepsake photo with the little cutie. No matter what size or color owl you're looking for this café is sure to have something for you. Unless what you're looking for is coffee and a pastry, because this "café" actually only serves water. But if you think that's a major drawback just look down at this guys eyes and then tell me it's not worth the trip!