Cute Japanese Mascots Must Choose Between Extinction Or Epic Combination

by Sharilyn on Apr 11 2015 |

Basically everything in Japan has a cute mascot, from police stations (see our previous post: Pipo-kun ) to local governments to all manner of companies. But apparently these cute animal costumes cost quite a bit. Last year the Finance Ministry ordered a cut in the amount of these amazing mascots claiming they used up too much taxpayer money. Really I've hardly ever seen a better use of government funds in any country, but apparently they disagree. So poor cuddly costumes all over Japan are being removed from the public eye completely or partially. To get the benefit of multiple loved mascots some of them are being combined.

One mascot in Rumoi, Ororon 8 (pictured above) is made up of a combination of 8 old mascots from within the city. These previously cuddly characters are being incorporated into the 10-piece Gundam style robot below, each complete with a video and attractive female pilot. This huggable mascot below...

has become this...

To watch all of the other videos click here.

For those not willing or able to make it into fun combinations like this, extinction is the most likely option. But there may be hope yet! The city of Otsu has raised a million yen by crowdfunding to resurrect their broken down mascot suit. So if you're feeling generous and have $8,324 U.S. to spare feel free to revive your favorite!