No More Reindeer Games: Domino’s Japan Forgoes Pizza Delivery Plan

by Amy on Dec 16 2016 |

In late November, Domino’s Japan announced plans to initiate a caribou-based pizza delivery program just in time for the holiday season to showcase their new GPS phone application designed for customers to monitor delivery times. This proclamation was accompanied by an onslaught of activity on social media, with opponents calling it a form of animal cruelty and supporters quick to show their enthusiasm about the prospect of the lovable creatures bringing piping-hot pizzas to their doorsteps.

Employees at the Hokkaido Integrated Research Center in charge of training operations were met with unruly reindeer from the start who fiercely rattled their antlers, ousted pizzas from delivery pouches on their backs and strayed from course on delivery routes. As a result, the company made the decision to return the animals to where they belong and take a new course of action: decked-out scooters.

Domino's preemptively had devised a backup plan in case the whole reindeer-training thing did not work out. The reindeer-themed scooters are adorned with rough antlers on the hood of the vehicle with plush reindeer snouts attached to the front and fuzzy fur all around. Carts also feature fluffy haunches, a tail and side-view mirrors that have been converted into ears.

Image and sources Reindeer1 and Reindeer2