BABYMETAL Anime To Debut In United States Next Year

by Japan Yay! Staff on Oct 04 2016 |

Amuse Inc., one of the biggest Japanese animation studios is teaming up with Blue Ribbon Content (A Warner Brother's subsidiary) to bring kawaii metal fans around the world a new BabyMetal anime.  Read full story...

Top 3 Traditional Japanese Desserts You Should Try Making

by Japan Yay! Staff on Sep 01 2016 |

Japan is known for its healthy nutritional habits; however, that doesn't mean desserts and sweets are excluded from the traditional Japanese diet. The recipes for Japan's celebrated cuisine leans towards a less-sweet taste than most American palettes are accustomed. Fans of Japanese culture devour these traditional Japanese desserts with the same fervor  as binge watching an anime series. Check out these recommended desserts that capture the best of traditional Japanese sweets.

Read full story...

FREE JAPANESE CANDY & TOYS GIVEAWAY! 5 Reasons Why Skoshbox Is Your Japanese Candy Gateway

by Dave on Aug 12 2016 |

We're giving away the largest Skoshbox subscription box, the JAPAN BOX (pictured above), courtesy of Skoshbox! Hurry and sign up, the giveaway ends on August 19th, 11:59PM CST.

There is a reason that Japanese candy is famous all around the world. It’s absolutely delicious! From pocky to green tea kitkats it’s full of flavors and textures you won’t find anywhere else. Not so long ago the only way you could get your hands on these unique treats was to buy a ticket and fly out to get them for yourself. But now you can have them delivered straight to your door. Here’s 5 reasons why Skoshbox is the candy subscription service you need. Read full story...

BABYMETAL Performs At Rock In Japan Festival (Video)

by Dave on Aug 11 2016 |

For the first time in 3 years, BabyMetal performed at the Rock in Japan Festival, on the "Grass Stage" August 6, 2016. Read full story...

Meet Yet Another Japan Mascot: Gudetama, The Depressed And Lazy Egg

by Amy on Aug 06 2016 |

Trans: The snooze button is always on

In Japan, mascots are a pretty big deal. Businesses create cute characters to promote their products, governments design mascots that highlight their town’s local history, culture or attractiveness and corporations like Sanrio and San-X exclusively sell merchandise speckled with characters as a type of soft power in society. Following in the footsteps of other character powerhouses like Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma, there is a new character in town named Gudetama that is slowly taking over Japan and the world. Read full story...

Cute Deer In Nara Park Bow For Food

by Sharilyn on Aug 02 2016 |

Nara Park in Japan has many attractions, including almost 1,200 super tame deer that roam around and don't seem to be afraid of people at all. In fact they like people a lot when they're being fed delicious crackers. Check out the video from INSIDER Travel of super polite deer bowing for their food. Read full story...

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