Cute Japanese Mascots Must Choose Between Extinction Or Epic Combination

by Sharilyn on Apr 11 2015 |

Basically everything in Japan has a cute mascot, from police stations (see our previous post: Pipo-kun ) to local governments to all manner of companies. But apparently these cute animal costumes cost quite a bit. Last year the Finance Ministry ordered a cut in the amount of these amazing mascots claiming they used up too much taxpayer money. Read full story...

Make Your Own Super Cute Anime Desserts

by Sharilyn on Mar 07 2015 |

You can make your very own Kirby macaroon... just eat it before he sucks you up. For anyone who wants to try their hand at it (or just look at the adorable results) watch the video below and check out the youtube channel Rosanna Pansino with her show Nerdy Nummies. It's been getting views even in Japan, where the adorable Totoro video is especially popular. Read full story...

Manhole Art in Japan

by Dave on Feb 22 2015 |

Even manhole covers in Japan are cute. Various prefectures will draw unique art on the normally drab-looking metal covers. Check out some more in the full story! Read full story...

Cat Cafe not cute enough? Japan says why not an Owl Cafe

by Sharilyn on Feb 06 2015 |

Last year the very first cat café in the U.S. opened in Oakland, California. While this adorable idea may seem new to us, the trend has been spreading Read full story...

Pikachu Bus

by Sharilyn on Jan 31 2015 |

Pika Pika! Think that could charge everyones phones? Read full story...

Cute Robot Snowplow

by Sharilyn on Jan 28 2015 |

Yuki-taro is a cute little robot snowplow in Japan that compacts the snow into bricks to avoid those huge piles we end up with over here. With cameras and GPS it can move around all on its own, until its battery runs out anyway. Plus all of those snow bricks will make some pretty great snow castles. It's not on the market yet, but once it is who wouldn't want a pikachu like robot to clear the streets?

Source Read full story...

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