Netflix Original "Underwear" Is Uniquely Japan, Hopeful Future Anime Series?

by Dave on Nov 24 2015 |

Were you expecting a high school ecchi anime series to be one of the first Netflix originals to come out of Japan? Well you guessed wrong. "Underwear tells the story of Mayuko Tokito, a young woman who grew up in the countryside on Japan’s Northernmost island of Hokkaido. After studying textiles at University, Mayuko begins her career at a high-end, custom lingerie atelier in Tokyo called Emotion."

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Hatsune Miku North American Tour Announced

by Dave on Nov 13 2015 |

Japan's favorite holographic musician is heading to North America in early 2016! The first stop is in Seattle Washington on April 23rd! Check out the full story for the entire tour dates. Read full story...

Japanese Porn Star Serves "Poop" Curry

by Sharilyn on Nov 07 2015 |

The Curry Shop Shimuza serves up steaming piles of poop tasting curry. Yes you read that right. The whole idea behind the restaurant is to give customers the experience of eating poop without any of those ridiculous sanitation issues. Read full story...

Official Japanese Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer Shows Off New Scenes!

by Dave on Nov 06 2015 |

The official trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens hit Japan earlier today... and they got a completely different trailer than what premiered during Monday Night Football in the US last week, with many new scenes! Check out the Japanese trailer in the full story. Read full story...

Vending Machines Or Social Media?

by Sharilyn on Oct 09 2015 |

Just buying a drink from a vending machine is so 2005. In 2015 everything needs to be documented and put on social media, including your latest beverage purchase. Read full story...

Japanese Man Burns Down Apartment While Streaming Live

by Dave on Oct 05 2015 |

Think you're having a bad day? Take a look at what this live streamer in Japan does to his apartment when tries to put out a small fire he accidentally started. This is a great PSA as well: have a fire extinguisher available where ever you live! And make sure it's up-to-date as well. Check out the full story for the video and the comments from people viewing the stream as the fire gets larger. Read full story...

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