Welcome to Japan Yay! The inaugural first post!

by Dave on May 09 2014 |

Welcome to Japan Yay! My name is Dave and many of you may know me from my previous website, dothackers. It was a fansite based on the .hack franchise, created by CyberConnect2. .hack was an anime, gaming, and manga series that ran for well over a decade and had a moderately successful run in the United States, as well as Japan.

I ran dothackers from 2003-2014 and during that time my interest in Japanese culture increased greatly. Actually, it started well before that when I was younger; Pokemon being the catalyst of my interests in all things Japan. Trading fansub anime episodes on CDs in high school with friends shortly followed my Pokemon craze... along with attending my first anime convention, Anime Central!

Recently I had the opportunity to check-off a list on my things to do before I die, and that was visiting Japan back in May of 2013. Many of the first few new articles you will see on Japan Yay will be from my trip, so I don't want to spoil my ventures quite yet! Hang tight though, they are coming soon!

Japan Yay's mantra is: "Cool stuff from Japan." Yeah, I know, lame and very vague. That may change in time as the site matures. Right out of the gate, though, I hope to provide unique and interesting things I stumble upon, including original content (see: Monthly Mitsuwa!).

And speaking of which, I am looking for cool people to help write for Japan Yay. It's my goal to get a few writers as quickly as possible so Japan Yay has a variety of Japan-related interests I might not have on my radar. Contact me and tell me what you love about Japanese culture!