U.S. Thinks The Japanese Are Awesome, They Think Americans.... Not So Much

by Sharilyn on Apr 08 2015 |

A recent poll suggests that many Japanese don't think Americans are hardworking or honest, while they do think we're selfish. But Americans think the complete opposite about them. So why no love Japan? Is it because we don't make enough kawaii things? Cause I could definitely get behind that reason. But if it's just because they think Americans are lazy... I mean we're not THAT lazy, right? No, studies show that Americans on average actually work more hours per year than the Japanese. One way to fix their view of us may be more interaction between young people talking about our cultures and ways to get together on cool projects. Boom! You now have a politically awesome reason to visit Japan. You can go to all the maid cafes you want and just by hanging out maybe you can change their impressions about Americans. You're welcome.