Jamaica Has Usain Bolt But Japan Has "Golden Bolt"

by Sharilyn on Apr 12 2015 |

Many people take up running and swimming, but most people don't continue it into their next century of living. Hidekichi Miyazaki was in his "golden age" of life when he set the world record for the 100 meter dash, for ages 100-104, at just 29.83 seconds. Earning him his impressive nickname of "golden bolt." And he's not the only one staying fit. A Japanese woman named Mieko Nagaoka recently set the record for 1,500 meter swim in that same age category. It took her over an hour to do, which means she's got more endurance than any grandmother I know. In fact most people that age (and some much younger...) would have needed a nice nap halfway through. The Japanese diet has long been credited as helping it's people live long and active lives. So maybe we should all go for a swim and eat some sushi.