Meet Japan's Most Hated Cute Character: Cinnamon

by Dave on Jun 10 2015 |

If you've been following Japan Yay the past few months, we've posted a few articles about the number of cute character/mascots Japan has for just about everything. By and large everyone loves these cute characters, but for every 1000 Japanese cute characters created, there is bound to be one that is surrounded by haters.

Cinnamon's twitter handle is @cinnamon_sanrio, and was created by Sanrio, the company that brought you Hello Kitty. Cinnamon has been the star of cartoons and manga since its birth in 2001, but hasn't had quite the international success as Hello Kitty; however, this character is indeed very popular within Japan! BoingBoing exclaims: "Walk by any branch of Tokyo Tomin Bank, and chances are you’ll see a stuffed Cinnamon in the window. In this year’s annual Sanrio character ranking, early polls (these are very serious affairs) projected Cinnamon to finish third overall, ahead of Hello Kitty. "

So, why is Cinamon getting bullied so badly online? The angry tweets have created a mob-like mentality. They aren't even anything intelligent - “die,” “shut up,” “you’re ugly,” and “go away” are some of the tweets directed at Cinnamon according to BoingBoing. The funniest/best insult gets the most re-tweets and favorites and it has snowballed from there.

BoingBoing writes: "Dozens of Japanese web sites wrote about it , followed by newspapers such as the Chunichi Shimbun and the Tokyo Shimbun covering it as well. Government-backed channel NHK did a report on it, and soon celebrities were coming out to support Cinnamon. TV personality Arie Mizusawa expressed her happiness at Sanrio taking action, while former members of the pop group BiS took to Twitter to back the character."

In Japan cyber bullying is on the rise, and the only good thing to come out of this event is that all the Cinnamon hate has sparked discussion around this matter. Anti-Cinnamon Tweets have died down recently, but it's still happening.

Since you've read this article to the end go ahead and tweet @cinnamon_sanrio something awesome when you have a second! And then go grab a Cinnabon if you live in the U.S. to treat yo' self!