Japanese Burger Anime Cafe Looking To Open Up In Chicago Area Via Kickstarter Funding

by Dave on Jun 30 2015 |

The recently closed down Gabutto Burger (a Japanese-style burger joint), which was located inside the Japanese supermarket Mitsuwa just outside of Chicago, is looking to make a comeback via Kickstarter! The restaurant is looking to raise $10,000 and incorporate some Maid cafe-esque elements. This would - as far as I know - make it the first Burger/Anime cafe restaurant in the U.S.!

"One thing that will set our restaurant apart from other places is the way our staff dresses. We want our customers to experience a little bit of Japanese culture by dressing up as anime characters known as cosplay. We will create a fun atmosphere for families with children. We will also invite our customers of all ages to join us for our monthly costume party at Gabutto!"

There are only 8 days left and half of the goal is remaining, so donate if you want cute cosplay guys or gals serving you juicy burgers in the near future! PS: If you visit Anime Central once a year, there's even more incentive to help fund!