Kitty Pouch Jumpsuits Offer a New Way to Dress Like a Cat

by JapanYay Feed on Mar 29 2016 |

Cat lovers everywhere rejoiced last spring when the Mewgaroo Hoodie (Nyangaroo Parka in Japanese), a hooded sweatshirt with a large front pouch, was first released. Unihabitat, a company that creates such things as vegetable-themed pet beds and kotatsu for cats, created the Mewgaroo to allow pet owners to snuggle with their favorite feline friends while also doing things like surfing the internet, reading a book, or even going to the bathroom.

The hoodie features adorable paw-style cuffs, cat ears on the medium-sized hoodie, extra long strings tipped with pom-poms, and a separate pocket on the front of the large pocket for your hands. To make cleaning up easier after cuddle sessions, the pet pocket’s lining is designed to be removable for easy cleaning.

Several months later, the Mewgaroo jumpsuit (Dameneko in Japanese) was released. This design retains the kangaroo-style pouch and cat- themed accents of the original hoodie, while also adding leg coverings and a tail to complete the look. To allow for optimal pet snuggling time, a button-flap backside was implemented to allow the wearer to hold their pet while answering nature’s call.

While the new jumpsuit design is irresistibly cute, it initially only came in two colors: solid black and solid white. This problem was remedied in February when they released two new color designs: Tora, themed for Tabby cats (toraneko), and Mike, themed for calico cats (mikeneko). So if you like the look of a kigurumi while also wanting to maximize your kitty snuggling time during those cold winter months, this jumpsuit was made for you!