Japanese 'School Swimsuits' For Adult Women

by JapanYay Feed on Apr 28 2016 |

Last year, Japanese swimwear designer Footmark released a line of skirted swimsuits that were offered as an alternative to the one piece suits worn by Japanese school girls during P.E. The suits were designed to offer a conservative, understated alternative to revealing bikinis and other swimwear.

While the line was primarily targeted toward junior high and high school students, there were some adults sizes also made available. The response to these swimsuits by adult women was so positive that Footmark recently announced they were expanding the line of skirted swimwear to include adult sizes.

The ‘Adult Use School Swimsuit’ is virtually identical to the schoolgirls’ swimsuit. Footmark stated they are marketing these suits toward adult women who make a few trips to the pool or beach each year and who are looking for a modest, understated look that can be worn whether they are swimming for fitness or leisure.

Offered in both black and navy blue, the suit features a skirted design that is long enough to provide coverage when lounging at the beach or doing laps in the pool. The collar is slightly rounded to offer a feminine neckline that isn’t too plunging or revealing, and the wider sleeves protect the wearer’s shoulders from both U.V. radiation and unwanted stares.

The suits cost about $68-$78USD, and are available in sizes from small up to XXXXXL. The company has been taking pre-orders through their online shops on both Ukiukiya and Rakuten. Shipping has been slated to begin at the end of April, so the suits should be available in stores by May.