Meet The Toriimoto Sisters... Advertising Drinks On Vending Machines Across All Of Kyoto!

by Dave on Jun 16 2017 |

Meet Hibarimi Tori, Tsumimi and Izumi. They're three sisters living in Kyoto. Tori, the oldest, is sporting a coffee drink, Tsumini, a sports drink, and Izumi some kind of tea.

This is an ad campaign created by Kinki, a vending machine company from Japan, who are surprisingly not moonlighting as an anime studio as well. What was supposed to be the second post of Japan Yay's "Weekly Japan Photo" series led me down a rabbit hole figuring out where these anime girls came from and who they were after I started examining the picture I took above. In doing so I found THREE MORE sisters, and they all have some kind super power and will help citizen's of Kyoto when in trouble. Only if you purchase their drinks, of course.

Anyone want a 12-episode slice-of-life series order for these semi-super hero Kyoto sisters selling drinks?