Chicago Land Japanese Burger Joint "Gabutto Burger" Grand Opening September 3rd

by Dave on Aug 27 2016 |

After some hefty delays, Gabutto Burger is finally opening up on September 3rd just outside of Chicago at 1410 Golf Rd. in Rolling Meadows, IL. If the name rings familiar, Gabutto Burger was once a tenant inside of Mitsuwa Marketplace, along with other Japanese-style restaurants. Those who donated to the restaurants Kickstarter a year ago, make sure you cash in on your perks!

If you want to purchase tickets for the Grand Opening event, which is $20 dollars for all you can eat and drink, click here.

Check out a snippet of our past interview w/ Gabutto Burger's owner to get you up to speed!

Can you explain the origins of the name "Gabutto" Burger?

“GABUTTO" is the sound of “Joyful Munching” and also “Big Bite" in Japanese.
Why did Gabutto Burger close down initially?
We didn't think Gabutto could grow inside of Mitsuwa. We had steady customers, but it was hard to reach out to people who do not shop at Mitsuwa.
Will those delicious fry spices make a comeback?
Definitely! We are planning on keeping most of previous menu items and invent new type of desserts on top of them.
Japan Yay! is heading over to Gabutto Burger on Friday to catch a sneak peak before the Grand Opening, so be sure to check back Friday night for some behind the scenes before the big open!