Japanese Artist Says Her Vagina Kayak Is Not Obscene

by Sharilyn on Apr 16 2015 |

Megumi Igarashi denied charges in court that her "pussy boat" is obscene. She is well known for making artwork using her vagina as a model, but this time the police say she has gone too far. She took 3D scans of her vagina then upped the scale to make a nice boat. They charged her with distributing obscenity since she sent the specs of her boat to other people who helped on the crowdfunding site. She denies the charges because she doesn't think that what she has done is obscene.

It's a hard taboo to break in a country like Japan though that has strict regulations for obscenity. Even in their porn the genitals must be blurred out. But then you get things like our previous post on the Festival of the Steel Phallus which features all kinds of things shaped like penises. I guess they're not actually modeled on one persons genitals, but the laws are interesting.

She's been at this for quite a while and was already arrested and released last year after a petition and protests demanded her release. Now she's been rearrested and on trial so who knows what will happen. Take a look at more of her vagina modeled work below. Is it art, obscene, or something in between?

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